A real estate broker kept his colleagues connected to Facebook’s “evening news” during the pandemic

For the Top Workplaces 2022 report, we spotlight some of the people who have helped their employers and colleagues survive and thrive during the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sarah D’Angelo became the Keller William Capital District’s de facto leader on all things COVID on day one of the pandemic shutdown in 2020.

Governor Andrew Cuomo specifically named real estate agents in his announcement, saying they could not show the units.

D’Angelo was the company point of contact for all questions.

“You can imagine my phone kept ringing,” she said. “Clients called me, brokers called me. How can I reach everyone? »

She made a crazy decision.

“I completely stepped out of my comfort zone…I just went to our (private) Facebook group and went to Facebook Live,” she said.

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It was a success. She began streaming live every night at 7 p.m. The company called it their “evening news”.

“She’s become this incredible news anchor,” CEO Carrie Weiss said. “She gave so much to our associates.”

She would summarize state announcements, rule changes and new systems being developed – like video tours for buyers and, later, arrangements in which the company’s venture brokers could strike deals and young people. brokers would run the actual tour.

Her boyfriend, who is in a band, provided the music for an intro song. Brokers started joining the show to discuss various issues.

“We started having fun with it. It was a great way for us all to really stay connected. We were just like, ‘How can we do this from our couch?’ D’Angelo said. “During that time, I think we really all came together, the whole management team. It morphed from this piece to do the evening news. The agents succeeded, feeling loved, supported, knowing that we were there for them.

The management team ordered boxes of gloves, masks and even full suits in bulk, which they dropped off at brokers’ doors.

Headquarter: latham
Based: 2007
The possession: Private
Activity area: Real estate agents/brokers
Employees: 400
Years Named Best Workplaces: 6
Website: kwcapitaldistrict.com

“We knew how important it was for our people to be able to feed their families,” Weiss said. “We had to pivot and we had to be fluid. We’ve told people it’s going to change day by day and we don’t know what’s going to happen. »

Their efforts worked.

“We sold more homes last year than ever before,” she said.