Denver realtor adopts controversial discount business model

Jane Pearson, Realtor – 1 Percent Lists Mile High

Colorado’s Jane Pearson has been considering a 1 Percent Lists franchise for some time. His main interest: how this model allows customers to save so much money.

I love how this brokerage model is so in tune with the times, choosing to leverage technology over outdated real estate processes, increasing marketing exposure and results for our clients.

— Jane Pearson, real estate agent

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, June 24, 2022 / — Jane Pearson is one of the newest national owners of a 1% list discount real estate brokerage franchise, located in Denver, Colorado. Why 1% lists? “Because it saves people so much money!” Jane says.

1 Percent Lists has become a major disruptor in the real estate market, gaining traction nationwide, as one of the fastest growing real estate companies. What makes 1 Percent Lists such a controversial market disruptor? Most real estate agents are trained, literally ingrained in their brains, not to accept a commission of less than 6% – three percent from the seller’s agent and three percent from the buyer’s agent. Agents don’t like to admit they’re already cutting services, but it’s true. Almost everyone does it, they just won’t tell you they do it. Then when a business model opens up that offers a better deal because we’ve structured the business that way, those same people step up. “I don’t mind the drama,” says Jane. “I’m here to save my clients money, to provide better service at a better price, and to help homeowners keep more of their net worth in their pocket. I don’t need to charge them $20,000 for the performance. There’s a better way.”

Seeing that times are changing, Jane has started considering changing her business model over the past couple of years. She became intrigued by 1 Percent Lists, and once she realized no office was yet open in Colorado, Jane opted to become the first owner, opening her branch in 2022, serving the greater Denver metropolitan area. She has worked diligently to assemble a team of agents who are also capable of providing first class service, and a commission that allows them more flexibility and potential savings. Forget any controversy other agents have with the 1% listings model, there are homes to buy and sell, and there’s a lot of money to be saved everywhere.

“Saving money is what it’s all about,” says Jane. A two percent savings on a half-million dollar home translates to an easy ten thousand dollars for its customers. It’s money that can be used for incentives, price flexibility, or just more money in the customer’s pocket. There are so many options the wiggle room will allow. “I’ve been doing this for a long time,” says Jane, “My fiduciary responsibility to my clients compels me to view commission as a tool that can be used to best serve the best interests of the client.” His experience in these areas is profound.

Although 1 Percent Lists may be a relative newcomer to Denver, Colorado’s Front Range has been Jane’s home for more than 25 years. She is an experienced real estate agent, having helped hundreds of clients buy or sell their homes since 2015. Through her involvement in countless real estate transactions, she has developed sharp and cutting edge skills in contract negotiation, transaction and marketing tools that help provide a seamless experience for its customers. His areas of expertise include residential, investment and like-kind exchange (1031) properties. Her attention to detail, having served nearly years as a deal coordinator, has honed her skills in getting contracts to the table, right, the first time. All of this made Jane the expert her colleagues often looked to for advice.

“Helping people is my love,” admits Jane. Owning a 1 Percent Lists franchise is a win/win for Denver as a whole. Jane is currently embarking on an educational campaign to let homeowners know that the myths surrounding a discount real estate brokerage may not always be true. “Yeah, while some discount brokers make it their model to cut services instead of cut costs, I like that 1% listings don’t work that way,” she says. Really, it’s a decision the market should make. Is there a place for a discount real estate brokerage in Denver? Time will tell, but if you ask Jane Pearson, she’ll tell you there is one, and either adapt to the times or get out of the way.

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