Jenna Ryan, Frisco real estate broker sentenced for Capitol riot, says she pulled out of Hollywood documentary

Jenna Ryan, the inimitable Frisco real estate broker who served in the US Capitol insurrection, has managed to keep a relatively low profile since being released from prison earlier this year. She is sold more houses. She is been through a breakup. And now she’s talking about an alleged contact with Hollywood.

Ryan has had a love-hate relationship with the media since jumping on a private plane to attend the so-called “Stop the Steal” rally that turned into a riot on January 6, 2021. She has consistently accused the reporters covering his case (us included) of bias and defamation. But shortly after each complaint of unfair treatment from the media, Ryan would once again announce his next big interview.

Case in point: In a TikTok video from March, Ryan talked about the the dangers of media-driven cancel culture. But later that same month, she had apparently forgotten her wariness of the camera and announced that she and her entertainment lawyer were working on a deal for a “massive project”.

“I can’t wait to tell you all about what’s to come,” she says in the video, grinning from ear to ear. “Jenna Ryan has been discovered. Yay!”

But the excitement will be short-lived.


I have been discovered!!!! I can announce the project shortly. Oh my god so exciting!!!

♬ original sound – Jenna Ryan

Last week, Ryan posted a new video to deliver some bad news. She was to appear in a documentary with “high-profile, high-end” Hollywood producers, who reportedly promised to film her in a favorable light.

“I’ve been told that before, okay? It’s not my first rodeo,” she said, addressing her TikTok followers. “Last year I was courted by the media like rabid beasts, and I never imagined that they would do some of the things that they did and eventually did to me.” (We here at Observer have already received our rabies shots, thank you very much.)

Then, Ryan pulls out a makeup brush and starts dabbing on blush. She explains that a producer who had once been accommodating and kind had suddenly become a “complete enraged villain”. The deal had gone south, Ryan explained, adding that she had been accused of being “a demanding whore, basically.”

Ryan notes that she needs to be careful about her image. She compares herself to Taylor Swift and Prince and former President Donald Trump, all of whom Ryan says have had bad experiences with contracts and/or the media.

Then, Ryan claims to have requested a limitation of the rights of producers on his image.

“I don’t want you guys going to make a video game or make movies about this docuseries,” Ryan says. “I want a limitation in my agreement. And… this particular producer got mean to me. She got mean.

“I was like, ‘Mm, hmm,'” she continues. “So I said, ‘Boom! I’m outside.’ So I’m not doing Hollywood right now.

Listen to this? It’s the sound of Werner Herzog crying.


Jenna Ryan Hollywood Life Update

♬ original sound – Jenna Ryan

Perhaps if Ryan gleaned anything from this close encounter with Tinsel Town, it’s that it’s wise to keep potential plans a secret until you’re absolutely sure they’ll come to fruition. Still, it’s a lesson she might have already learned. Ryan once tweeted that she was uncancellable shortly before her publisher canceled a self-help book she wrote.

Speaking of books, Ryan took to TikTok again this month and quite surprisingly quoted feminist and eroticist-essayist-and-author Anaïs Nin. First, Ryan lamented haters who project their “own inner evil” onto others. Haters, you see, can’t stand to see you succeed.

@dotjenna Haters hate your success #jennaryan ♬ original sound – Jenna Ryan

“And as Anna-Naïs Nin says, ‘people see you as they are, not as you are‘, Ryan continues adding an extra syllable to Nin’s first name. “And so these haters see you as they are, and they think you are like them. And they can’t handle their own bad things and then what they do is they project it onto you and they blow you up and they hate you and insult you and mentally they’re just messed up and so they project on you what they are.

Spoken like a true literary genius. Nin would be proud.