Luzerne County Seeks Real Estate Broker to Sell West Pittston Property

Real estate brokers have until June 22 to submit proposals if they are interested in selling Luzerne County-owned residential property in West Pittston and possibly other real estate no longer needed by the county.

The council had approved a June 10 deadline for broker responses, but councilor LeeAnn McDermott said the date needed to be extended because the request for proposals was inadvertently not released until Tuesday.

The broker search request is now available in the County Purchasing Department section at

Council members had voted unanimously last month to solicit proposals from brokers for the sale of a property at 1200 Susquehanna Ave. in West Pittston.

The county acquired the home earlier this year as part of its 2018 settlement of the lawsuit filed by Richard and Kimberly Hazzouri, arguing they were wrongfully barred from participating in a flood buyout program.

The settlement awarded $650,000 for the property — $585,000 from the County Community Development Office, $50,000 from the County Insurance Company and $15,000 from the West Pittston Insurance Company. Because the settlement was separate from a flood buyout that would require demolition, the county is free to sell the property to recoup some of the money lost in paying the settlement, officials said.

County officials also want to sell the property so it doesn’t have to be maintained by the county.

Submission requirements

Licensed real estate brokerage firms or interested individuals should submit their commission rates and any other related costs they may anticipate for selling West Pittston property and other properties the county may choose to develop, lease or to sell, he said.

Services to be provided include coordinating real estate valuations, developing a study of comparable properties and other sales strategies, marketing the property, participating in site visits, analyzing offers of purchase, consulting with the county council and management on potential sales and arranging a purchase transaction. closures.

Presentations at public county meetings may also be required.

Respondents must be state licensed and in good standing with the state to sell real estate, he said.

“The successful business or individual must have an excellent reputation in the real estate community and be knowledgeable about the regional real estate market,” he said.

The board is seeking a one-year contract – with two optional one-year renewals possible if the board is satisfied with the performance of the firm or the agent, he said.

Council members had discussed holding an auction to sell the West Pittston property, but opted for a broker to ensure the real estate buying opportunity is widely marketed and advertised to get the price The highest.

The $650,000 purchase price for the Hazzouri property was based on an assessment of its pre-flood value, county officials said.

‘Moving in condition’

McDermott said she and several council colleagues had visited the property and was ready to move in. Selling points include a “beautiful kitchen”, hardwood floors and a historic architectural style that appeals to many, she said.

Council members said they already knew several potential buyers interested in submitting offers.

Other properties that may be sold by the chosen broker will eventually be recommended by the board’s real estate committee, said McDermott, chairman of the committee.