Morreale Property Services Updates Portal | New

Illinois-based Morreale Real Estate Services has launched a redesigned MSite client and assignee portal for its clients and partners. Morreale provides national title and closing services, acquisition and inventory management services to the corporate relocation and mortgage industry.

The relocation process was made easier with the updated MSite portal, according to the company. The simplified platform improves the process of signing documents and returning them.

“Over the past two years, Morreale Real Estate Services has made it a point to focus on the assignee experience when working with our office. This MSite is another great tool in our tool belt when you work with the client’s transferee,” Chief Operating Officer Aaron Raffel said in a statement. “Having our transferees electronically sign documents through our portal and send them back to us is a more efficient experience that will speed up the We are delighted to introduce this new way of working with our office.

“Whether you are an assignee, client or partner, the new Morreale Real Estate MSite portal provides you with the tools to make every move a success,” added Vice President of Client Services, Cory Wilhelmi. “From uploading expenses for reimbursement to finding the best M-Preferred partner to work with on your transaction, this new and improved portal puts it all at your fingertips. I can’t wait for our customers, partners and assignees to try it.