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CUMBERLAND – Coldwell Banker Professional Real Estate Services honored its top business agents at the annual awards dinner for 2021 held at Cumberland Country Club on February 11, 2022. The evening began with a social hour and dinner. After dinner, the awards were presented by Broker Liz Rhodes and Sales Manager Seth Loar.

The ceremony continued with the awarding of prizes to the best commercial agents.

• The Estimated Associate of the Year award was given to Ben Maust for Most Transactions, Most Sales Volume, Most Listings, Most Sales, Best Sales overall and the highest volume of registrations. Its overall sales amounted to an impressive $9,168,650.

• Top honors went to Katie Rice with aggregate sales of $6,652,877 and Johnathan Loughrie with aggregate sales of $4,036,500.

• The Multi-Million Dollar Club prizes were awarded to:

• Breann D’Atri, Sasha Leasure, Krenda Means, Dawn Stahlman and Janet Stevens, whose sales exceed $3 million.

• Dawnetta Adams, Nadine Beechie, Nancy Boggs, Debbie Hidey, Bill Logsdon and Penni Walker, whose sales exceed $2 million.

• Million Dollar Club rewards have been presented to the following agents with sales over $1 million:

• Megan Gallagher

• Sue Helmstetter

•Donna Langham

• Doris Wheeler

• Danae Park

All winners received vouchers valid for a week’s holiday in the resort of their choice.

The ceremony concluded with awards presentations for the Coldwell Banker International brand awards:

• Premier of the International President

• Seth Loar

• International President’s Circle

• Ben Maust

• International Diamond Society

• Katie Rice

• Sasha Leisure

• Janet Stevens

• Dawn Stahlman

• International British Pound Society

• Johnathan Loughrie

• Krenda means

• Breann D’Atri

• Dawnetta Adams

Coldwell Banker Professional Real Estate Services commends all agents for their hard work and dedication.

All agents can be reached at their office at 131 N. Center St. at 301-777-3380.