Prashil Sajnani – A real estate broker with pure transparency.

Owning land or a house is a dream for many, and many people consider buying an estate or property to be the most important thing in their life. It is not just a commodity but a precious that is entangled with dreams and emotions. Buying or selling a commodity is not an easy process. There are a lot of things that need to be considered, and dealing with all of that would be a bit difficult for ordinary people. This is the advantage of consulting a real estate broker who is on the lookout for trends in the sector, who is familiar with the procedures and the paperwork and who knows the precise steps to follow in the process. Prashil Sajnani is a Goa based real estate broker who is a young director working between Goa and Finland.

Prashil Sajnani knows the real estate industry well as his mother also works in the same field. Since childhood, he watched his mother, how she worked and how she helped many people achieve their dream of owning a property. Prashil observed the boom in the real estate industry in Goa during his teenage years and yearned for a career in this field. Prashil started working in the real estate field for pocket money in 2006, and it was then that he realized that he would be successful in this field and took the decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps in the real estate business. Prashil wanted to know how his mother stood out from other real estate agents before getting into the business. When Prashil inquired about this, his mother’s response inspired him and helped him understand the value of real estate. Prashil’s mother said that real estate is an area where clients place a lot of trust in real estate brokers, and she advised Prashil not to cheat them for extra money or commission. She advised Prashil to remain loyal and transparent with customers throughout the transaction. Prashil still remembers those words and credits his mother’s advice as one of the reasons for his success in the real estate business.

A first experience is always memorable, it accompanies you for a long time and teaches you a lot. Prashil’s first chord also taught him a big lesson. It was a big deal worth six crores, and Prashil was thrilled at the thought of such a great opportunity at the start of his career, but he was eventually tricked and did not receive payment at the end of the career. ‘deal. It was a heartbreaking moment for Prashil, but it taught him how people feel in difficult situations. From that day, Pranshil started to be careful and genuine in every step and promised its clients clear and transparent transactions.

Pranshil Sajnani is a firm believer that new things can only be learned when stepping out of the routine, and it is important to develop new perspectives and look at the world through those eyes. When you travel the world, meet new people, learn about different cultures and traditions, and collect memories that can be treasured forever, you develop a new perspective and a new mindset. Pranshil put this statement into practice by visiting 107 countries and traveling to many different places around the world. Every summer he moves to Finland and spends his holidays there. Paphos, Cyprus is Prashil’s favorite destination as it resembles Indian culture. Prashil Sajnani works with all its clients in complete transparency and sells, rents and rents all types of property. He stresses the importance of real estate brokers, saying their help is invaluable in terms of procedures and other details to consider when buying a property. Prashil Sajnani is without a doubt the best option if you are looking for a real estate broker who will remain honest throughout the transaction.