Why you need to sustain your real estate agency

According to Kristen Porter, legal founder and legal strategist of O*NO, real estate agencies have very different legal needs throughout the business lifecycle.

“It can be confusing when to deal with every operational and legal piece,” she said.

“What I hear from clients before they work with me is that they put off sorting through their legal documents because they don’t know exactly what they need and when.”

That’s why Ms. Porter has designed the upcoming O*NO Legal webinar to teach attendees the legal “must-haves” needed to grow their agency’s revenue and equity value.

“You’ll also learn how to protect it using our asset protection,” Porter said.

“If you’re in real estate and want to grow or start your agency, build a valuable asset that’s sellable, and know when you need to act, then this webinar is for you.”

Those who attend the seminar will learn:

  • The legal “must-haves” of your agency throughout the life cycle of your business
  • How sorting out your legal documents will increase the value of your agency and allow you to be “ready for sale” at all times
  • The framework to create your Asset Shield.
  • The three erroneous beliefs of real estate lawyers.

Attendees will also receive an overview of REAL membership from O*NO Legal.

“You’ll learn how it works and how it’s the fastest, most cost-effective way to give you peace of mind and know you’re legally covered,” Ms. Porter said.

“The real estate market is booming and the best agents are making the most of it by growing their income, clients and assets.

“But have you considered how exposed your growing business is and how easy it can be for opportunistic third parties to take your hard work away from you?”

Ms. Porter said the knowledge gained from the webinar will provide agents with peace of mind knowing their assets are protected and no legal time bombs are about to explode in their agency.

“You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re aware of all the ever-changing laws that govern your agency,” she said.

“Plus, you’ll know exactly what legal pitfalls lie in your agency and how to protect yourself, creating a legally unbreakable and future-proof agency for tomorrow.”

The free 90-minute webinar will take place at 10:30 a.m. on July 20. To register click here

Can’t make it live? We’ve got you covered, register anyway and the recording will be sent to you.