“Personality is essential for a luxury real estate broker”

Among New York’s real estate elite, Gennady Perepada is no less well known than Mr. Manhattan. And he lives up to that name – in business and in everyday life. Gennady’s real estate expertise is appreciated across states, countries and even continents. He is a broker who knows everything about real estate in the United States, from New York to Florida. Seeking his advice and input is the smartest thing to do if you’re looking for a great deal.

Today, Gennady is a licensed real estate broker and international investment consultant working in the luxury real estate segment for over 20 years. His brokerage firm One and only property is a go-to business for many successful people who want the best service, the best deals, and an exclusive approach to customer service. Needless to say, this is what Gennady and his team have continuously provided to their clients throughout this time.

A unique business philosophy as a recipe for professional success

When Gennady Perepada immigrated to the United States from Ukraine in the early 1990s, he began to explore the American real estate market and was fascinated by it. He soon realized that this was the area he wanted to start his business in and eventually Gennady began to take his first steps as a real estate broker. After all, owning a home is an integral part of the American dream, and Gennady knew right away that he wanted to help people live their dream through his work.

This is how 20 years ago, One and only property it has been found. Gennady wanted to create a real estate brokerage firm that would go above and beyond to meet customer needs and get the best possible deal for each of them.

This is the main reason why I chose to start a small business instead of going the corporate route. For me, intensive growth always trumps extensive growth. My business philosophy is simple – service, service and more service – at the highest level, for every client, whatever their needs or budget..” – comments Gennady.

Indeed, Gennady and his brilliant team of luxury real estate experts are always ready to go out of their way to meet their clients’ needs, whatever they may be. There’s no problem Gennady couldn’t solve, no demand his company couldn’t meet.

Customer satisfaction is paramount. Our motto at One and only property says it all: ‘it’s always the customer who chooses us, not the other way around.’ And customers come back to the companies they really trust.

There is no shortage of shining examples that prove Gennady’s drive to take customer service to the next level. He provides top quality legal advice, picks the right property for even the most extraordinary taste, appraises clients’ property, lands the best deal to buy or sell – you name it. And Gennady would not hesitate to go a little further if needed. Throughout his career as a real estate broker, he has helped clients with medical insurance, housekeeping, car purchases… the list goes on. That’s exactly what Gennady does – provide exceptional customer service around the clock. And he attributes much of his success as a luxury real estate broker to his personality.

This is who I am – unique, energetic, driven to do whatever it takes to give my clients what they deserve – and they always deserve the best possible service. I want to project my personal qualities in my company. You are what you do – and vice versa.

Inside Gennady’s real estate business

What makes Gennady’s real estate brokerage firm unique? The pillars of its success are quality customer service, excellent real estate expertise, in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the American market and, of course, solid business ethics.

Gennady prides himself on his merit-based approach to hiring professionals to work for his company. People of all backgrounds, nationalities, genders or worldviews can join the One and only property team – as long as they have the expertise, skills and most importantly the drive to deliver and grow with the business. Such inclusiveness is what makes Gennady’s business so diverse, adaptive and efficient in what it does.

Another business facet that Gennady emphasizes is the idea of ​​intangible value that accompanies the real estate purchases people make with his business.

We don’t just sell real estate. Of course, that’s the immediate transaction we execute, but there’s so much more to it. What you get with a luxury apartment or house is self-confidence, status, a clearer view of your future, more effective networking – these things are just impossible to put a price tag on.

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Envision the future

Today, Gennady’s real estate brokerage has offices in New York and Florida, and the business plans to expand to Dubai and other locations overseas. This ambitious growth is a natural path for Gennady’s business venture. The company weathered the COVID-19 crisis and emerged even stronger and better than before.

Our plan remains unchanged for many years in the real estate market: growth, development and continuous improvement in customer service.

Gennady stresses that regardless of the social, economic or political landscape, he and his team remain focused on creating value for their clientele. Moving forward is the only way Gennady knows and accepts.

One and only property continues to do business with high profile people looking for meaningful real estate purchases and deep business interactions with top professionals. And Gennady is working tirelessly to bring even more to the table. He believes real estate transactions should be something to celebrate, not stress about. And that’s what he offers his clients. Remarkably, despite his busy schedule and busy life revolving around the competitive world of luxury real estate, Gennady has never been happier.

“I just love what I do in life. And that’s the kind of love that I know is forever. And when you love something, you make it work no matter what. Be one of the best real estate brokers in New York, that’s what I was always meant to be.